Justin Ryan
Applied Psychology / Year 4

Justin  Ryan

Justin Ryan

Applied Psychology

Year 4

  • Project Title Mindset Beliefs: Growing the entrepreneurial capability of third-level students.
  • Course BSc [Hons] Applied Psychology
  • Year 4
  • Contact Info justinr674@gmail.com

Mindset Beliefs: Growing the entrepreneurial capability of students.

This study aimed to examine the impact of mindset education on the mindset beliefs and levels of entrepreneurial intent of students from three academic fields; Art, Business, and Psychology. It also investigated differences in mindset beliefs, and levels of entrepreneurial intent, based on the academic field a student was in, and examined any statistical relationship between these measures.

Project Description

This research study recruited 67 Third Year participants from three academic fields (Art, Business, Psychology) in the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT). All participants had agreed to take part in the study and were treated in accordance with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) ethical standards. Scientific measures were used to assess each participants’ mindset and level of entrepreneurial intent. The participants then viewed an educational PowerPoint presentation on mindset beliefs, and the researcher measured participants’ mindsets and level of entrepreneurial intent for a second time. Statistical analysis was conducted to investigate the impact of the mindset presentation, and the relationship between mindset and entrepreneurial intent was analysed. Differences between groups on the two measurement scores were also investigated.

Project Findings

The results of this analysis revealed a significant increase in the mindset scores and entrepreneurial intent scores of students from the three academic fields. Significant differences were also observed between each of the academic groups relating to mindset scores, but not entrepreneurial intent scores. The relationship between entrepreneurial intent was investigated before the educational mindset presentation, as well as after the presentation. It was observed that the strength and magnitude of this relationship was higher following the mindset PowerPoint presentation.

Justin Ryan
Applied Psychology / Year 4